KOAT ABC 7 – Video September 25th 2015

ALBUQUERQUE —Arian Foster is a Pro Bowl running back in the NFL, but long before he was scoring touchdowns with the Houston Texans, he was just a kid from New Mexico.

“It’s the core of who I am,” Foster said. “I grew up in Albuquerque. In the middle of high school I moved out to San Diego, but I’m 505 to the core and a lot of people don’t know that.”

Foster is back at practice and close to making his 2015 debut after a groin injury kept him on the sidelines for nearly two months.

But he isn’t sitting around.

He’s working with his Arian Foster Family Foundation, inspired by his childhood experiences in the Duke City.

His foundation is aimed to help kids and families in underserved neighborhoods.  From football camps to celebrity fundraisers, he wants to even the playing field in places like his hometown of Albuquerque.

“If you grew up there you understand the trials and tribulations that an inner city family would feel because there’s not a lot of things to do out there,” Foster said. “I have a lot of friends who chose the other route because it was easier.”

He’s making it a point to give back to the city where it all started — even before he was playing football at Valley High School.

“I love my experience there, I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Foster said. “It made me who I am.  I’ve got a lot of love for that city.  I’ve done a lot of work there as well and I plan to do even more especially as this foundation grows to show that city how much it means to me.”