The Duane & Devi Brown Project

Dear Family & Friends,

As you know, Houston has experienced catastrophic and unprecedented mass flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey. It is estimated to take several months just to be able to assess the damage caused by the flooding and many YEARS to help families restore the profound losses they have endured.

As local Houston residents with a deep love and care for our fellow neighbors, family, fans and friends, we have created a relief fund to help us purchase and deliver essential supplies to those in need during this traumatic time.

This weekend, our plan is to start in Austin by filling a large moving truck with supplies that we will purchase and personally drive to Houston.  Over the next couple of days we will be delivering that haul to Houston residents that have been displaced.  We have been in contact with many area shelters and they have expressed a dire need for bottled water, non-perishable food, feminine hygiene products, diapers, formula, pet food, new underwear and toiletries.  Though the need is unfathomably vast, these items are some of the ways we all can help to extend dignity, comfort, health and a sense of normalcy to the resilient men, women and children that have been affected.

If you would like to help support our effort, you can make a tax deductible donation to the relief fund and we will ensure you that 100% of your donation will go towards supporting those that need it most!  To make a donation, scroll down to complete the transaction.

We thank you for your generous donation on behalf of the resident of Houston, Texas and we are grateful for your continued support!


Duane & Devi Brown

The Duane & Devi Brown Project, a nonprofit 501c3 organization

Above shows just one part of Houston and how drastically the rains have flooded and destroyed homes.  This is the scene an estimated 13 million people are currently being faced with as they try to rebuild.